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Spending time outdoors was normal in the past, until recently, people spent most of their time outdoors, either they worked or accomplished mandatory tasks around the house, such as cleaning and gardening, a small time portion was spent inside the house. Nowadays, things are a whole lot more complicated and outdoors activities have almost vanished from our daily activities. As such, we are more and more forced to find ways to go back to pass time in nature and replacing physical activities with another kind of physical training.

How do you do that if you work in a big city?


Walk to work

yak1If you live within the proximity of your workplace and you need 20 to 30 minutes to get there on foot, it is recommended that you do it. This activity will bring you multiple advantages: it will make you feel more energized, it will charge you with vitamin D, it will provide you with new experiences and it will allow you to know the surroundings. You can always take a longer route on your way back home if you don’t have anything pressing to do at that moment, to find out a little bit more about the city. If walking is not possible, hop on your bicycle and get to your workplace faster than with any other means of transport.


Find time to go to the gym or run in the morning

young woman running on rural road at sunrise

We were not programmed to be sedentary beings. Our locomotor system is designed to carry us around and our muscles need to be used so that they don’t become atrophied in time. As such, make room for 2-3 gym sessions in the morning or after work so that you keep your body in good shape and relieve stress. If you can’t go to the gym, find a park or a quiet area where you can run in the morning, before you go to work, 3-4 times a week. You’ll not only maintain your weight this way but you’ll feel revitalized.


Find a nearby park (preferable with a lake)

yak3You can choose to take your lunch in the park and not in a cafeteria or a restaurant. This will give you the opportunity to go out and take your mind off the daily worries, by submerging yourself in a different, more relaxed environment.


Leave the city during weekends

Finding a refuge from the crowded, polluted and stressful environment that the city is, can be a blessing. You can easily check for secluded or, at least outside the city limits locations where you can spend your Saturdays and Sundays. You don’t even need to plan ahead, just find a train or bus that gets you there and spend a couple of hours away from your quotidian activities.


These are only small things you can do to improve your life, but the advantages associated with them are immense: exercising keeps you fit and healthy, it helps you fight difficult issues such as depression, anxiety and burnouts (from which an increasing number of people suffer), it preserves a balanced weight, it promotes a scheduled lifestyle, it gives you a different perspective on life and, finally, it lets you see that there are other things to do in life than work.