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Even though it might be difficult to understand, your training sessions for your next adventure racing should begin around six months prior to the event. This way, you’ll have more than enough time to perfect the way you eat and work out without focusing excessively on details that might not even matter, in the end. Planning the perfect training routine can be done with ease, as long as you stick to the basics.


Based on the info that I’ve gathered about this topic, it seems that there are three typical stages to every training plan. Base training is the first, and it mostly focuses on preventing any injuries. This type of workout can help you build your reflexes so that you will not suffer from any minor accident while in the race. Beginners should work on base training three times every week, intermediate individuals should try to stick to four to six days per week, whereas advanced racers are most likely to exercise for as many as six or seven days on a weekly basis. One thing that’s important to underline is that you should never try to overdo it, particularly if you are a beginner because your body will suffer and it will take you more time to recover, which is why you’ll find the next training session to be extremely uncomfortable.


Base training is actually focused on low-intensity workouts such as aerobic fitness. If you want to increase your endurance, you could also do some weight lifting but always stay within your resistance margins. Depending on the length of the adventure race, you can stick to base training up to six to eight weeks. The build and peak phase can last for as much as twelve weeks each, as long as you have enough time until the race.

Another detail you must take into account is the fact that you have to work on developing your skills, according to the parts of the race you will be performing. Some might need to work on their kayaking skills, whereas others may need to increase their abilities with regard to mountain biking. Your map reading skills might be a bit harder to perfect unless you have the time to go into the wild and train them actively.


As a final note, you must never forget the fact that you may be involved in different other activities throughout your training period. Some racers have full-time jobs where they need to stay focused for a long time, and stay-at-home moms may feel like these programs are daunting due to their daily chores. Whatever the case, you ought to do as best as you can and try to stay positive on a mental level so that you’re able to participate in the adventure racing event. If you leave out mental preparation, you won’t have the perfect mindset. Sometimes, it’s not even about winning, it’s about joining the race and completing it in your own terms.